First blog post

We live in a world whereby a lot of young teenagers and youths carry so much in them that needs to be birthed forth. Yes, they carry great potentials that if kinetized can help develop a better and sustainable world. We all carry seeds of greatness inside of us but everyone’s potential is different some are great at writing. Others excel at solving complex math problems, inventing things, acting, drawing,or public speaking.

Collectively,we have all the potential we need to create and sustain our world. This means getting out of our comfort zones to work hard to make our dreams come true. We have laid back enough it is no longer a season of rest but a season to rise up and create the world we so earnestly dream of. A world of possibilities, a world of actualism, a world of great accomplishments.

This is a charge to all teenagers and youths, a call to growth and discovery of true and great potentials, a call to productivity and accountability because if it is our world then its our charge that can make it a better place –THE WORLD OUR CHARGE.


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