Get on out of the Wilderness

Poverty is so greatly attributed to the state of lacking money which is the legal tender of exchange in our world today. Well said, but then poverty can also be the lack of good moral and intellectual standards the absence of core values that foster and promote a safer world. Poverty then shall we say isn’t all about the lack of money. Picture a world of youths with great core values such as Honesty,Kindness, Commitment, Respect, Diligence, Consistency, Integrity and the likes then you picture a no violent zone community, a place of safe grounds and learning, a place of peace and serenity. In that same picture you create a world of youths who can lead and charge a world opposed to corruption. These are people who will create a world of possibilities even from their vast knowledge of intellectualism in Agriculture, Politics, Engineering, Skills, Science and Arts.
Its a wilderness mentality to feel that since” People say i am an island of knowledge then that is what i am” by saying this to yourself your subconscious slowly registers it and it begins to show in your attitude to life. You begin to loose interest in anything that can broaden your horizon, even if you choose to make an attempt at learning something perhaps a skill or solve a mathematical problem and you happen to fail you sit back concluding in your mind that you are truly a mediocre. This slowly makes you an intellectually poor person and hence in no way will it give you the confidence to contribute to the world because truth be told you can’t give what you don’t have. Why not tell yourself note to self: I am not an island of knowledge,develop the habit of “if at first it doesn’t work try try again , pay the price of intellectual development by reading books that can help in the field of your interest, meet with mentors who can put you through and up to speed on vast ideologies about life, be confident in yourself and then can you say you are breaking free from intellectual poverty.

In the same vein Its a wilderness mentality to feel that since ” I was born without a silver spoon then I must die without a silver spoon”. The fact that your parents are poor and can only afford you a few things does not mean you will be poor as well the tides can be turned. if you want to change the tide you have to believe that you can.
Wealth and success are not acquired by laying back and waiting for a big bang miracle to happen.True success and wealth comes from hard work, diligence, persistence, consistency and a need to step out of your comfort zone and get the Job done pronto, not lazying around and procrastinating. Its going the extra mile to make sure you are different from others and what you bring to the table is quality and legit.

You might have been born poor but do not choose to die poor. The influence of the overly wealthy silver spooned born should not intimidate or stop you from charging at your dreams in any possible way you can the government and economy should not undermine the reality of your freedom from poverty. Get educated because education opens you up to opportunities, actualize your goals, broaden the horizon of your knowledge, pay the price of sitting and learning under great mentors, charge up, stand up, and be great. You have the seed of greatness within you and always remember that you can achieve anything you set your mind to as long as you are competent and diligent enough to work for and at it.

You might have been born in the wilderness of poverty but you do not have to die in the wilderness.



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