‘Love me to sex me or sex me to love me’

“Standing in front of the mirror, trying to lay my hands on it. Did i really prove my love to him or I made an open show of my graced dignity”. Said a young lady thinking deeply of how much of herself she gave to a boy she loved and felt that was the only way to prove to him that he meant so much to her. Pondering as he drove home after he reluctantly made a show of his manhood “Did i really prove my love to her or I made an open show to convince her that I am truly a man” Said a young man.

We are in a generation where the system dictates to you how you should live your life. The system is filled with discrepancies that we sometimes unintentionally might conform to because of the need to feel loved and be loved in return, or perhaps because of the need to feel among and so we walk with lack of our own conviction and unconsciously steadily walk based on the conviction of others. Life happens to you even without knowing the abnormality becoming the order of the day.

We see today the young boy- young girl relationship that started with the “Ooh’s and Ah h’s”, the passion, the proclaimed love and the promises that just happen to end in utter disgust, strife and bitterness and with the thought lingering through our hurt soul we ask “where were all the sweet words and promises or was i deceived”? Painful as it be and trying to find our pathway through to healing we come to realize that “Love me to sex me or sex me to love me” really isn’t the benchmark of a true relationship.

Sex is the highest form of intimacy and as beautiful as it is, it cannot be over emphasized. You see a cool dude thinking in his heart while approaching a lady “let me just get to bed with her” like wise, You see a lady thinking as she sights a young nicely chiseled tall dark and handsome young lad with his six packs glaring through his shirt “Boy will he be great in bed i am in love with him”. There and then we forget that the devil never comes in a black regalia and two horns.

They come with a self proclaimed expression of love on their lips only as a means to an end of getting you in bed. Truth be told, sex is never a proof of love. The moment that intimacy is shared at the wrong moment, the passion goes down. Love is never just raging feelings of butterflies you feel because all these butterflies have an expiry date.

Love is a decision to trust and get committed to a particular cause, Its identifying with your significant other and choosing to build a relationship on friendship, respect, commitment, honesty and trust. It is respecting his body and her body and not basing your commitment on it alone.
Dear readers, Do not love because you want to get laid neither should you give yourself like a priced trophy to show love.

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