In the “TGIF” Spirit

Yezzur!! So its another Friday, for some at this very moment they are thinking “oh my God I cant wait to get off work today” for some others, ” Oh I plan to totally turn up with the girls and guys tonight” and for the weary lot ” Boy oh boy can’t wait to get in bed and get my snooze mode on” and in few other cases some happen to still  work round the clock during weekends. The reality of the fact is that “we, as humans work a lot”. We expend such great energy through the course of the week and earnestly countdown to the days,hours,minutes, and seconds to the weekend.

Now for some people, the weekend is a time to catch fun and explore, for others its a time to just turn in and lay low from work that is in other words turning up in bed, its also a time that affords you the luxury of getting your dirty laundry done. So what is your typical weekend like? After charging up during the course of the week do you sit back during the weekend and refresh your body? Do you  evaluate how the week went by bringing to remembrance what you learnt in the course of the week after all you shouldn’t allow your week go by without a lesson or lessons learnt?

The weekends are for refreshing, and refreshing is that time you take out to rest, its that time you take out to understand your motives and re-access your aims, its that time you take out to evaluate the quality of things you spent your time on in the past week. Refreshing gives you the needed renewed boost to charge up and get back on the horse to actualize your set goals for the week ahead.

So this weekend, do get REFRESHED. Have a great weekend guys.









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