Hey you!! Tell me, Are you growth conscious?

Now, Growth is an intentional charge towards productivity that brings about CHANGE. From childhood to adulthood there is a growth process involved whether its physically,spiritually,emotionally,intellectually or academically your growth game undergoes metamorphosis.

We find that in the world today so many teenagers and youths have neglected the fact that growing is a constant consciousness of the mind.
It’s really important to recognize that any growth you experience in life is a form of change. The knowledge you had whilst you were 12 years old is pretty different from that you have at 23. This is because at 23 you have advanced in knowledge, skill and experience of life different from that which you experienced at age 12. It is needful for the average youth of today to live life everyday with a sense of growth consciousness.

Ever woken up one morning and found that you were tired of the typical routine life you live? Ever been experienced an identity crisis frustrated about what exactly you have to offer the world? Ever felt the need to be diverse even when your life seems so streamlined? Ever felt challenged about the position you are in right now wanting to move to the next level? Ever wanted to move a motion for a just cause and didn’t understand how to go about it? Ever had a goal you needed to actualize but then couldn’t figure out the steps you needed to take to make it happen and you happen to give up on it? Then the “Ever’s” apparently are the light bulbs in your head telling you that there is a dire need for CHANGE. It’s your subconscious giving you that awareness that if you do not do something about it you would wallow in the world of the “EVER” questions.

So why not take a bold step to change it. Create a goal that you want to see actualized and run with it. Do you want to be diverse? Stir up the growth consciousness within you to learn something different everyday. Do you want to move a motion for a cause that is right and are shy? Step up to the plate develop your public speaking skills go on platforms that aim and aid voicing out and perhaps from there you yourself will have your own platform to express yourself. Do you want to actualize a goal? Then get up and make the necessary approaches be it learning from past goal achievers in that light or getting information from the net, know that you can do it.

Growth consciousness helps you to focus on the journey rather than the goal. Through focusing on the journey you are able to mature yourself and others around you along the way. It keeps you growing even way beyond the goal. Sustainable growth depends on a “why” a reason to keep you pushing through the discomfort and staying committed to creating new patterns of living. You have to  give yourself a reason for doing that which you want to achieve so that when the discomfort comes you remember the “why”. The why becomes your charge, the why becomes your fuel for growth and change.

Choose to intentionally live a life today that is better than your yesterday by being conscious of improving,developing, maturing, and growing each day.
Be on team G.C .


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